Care Tips

[Go Back] We want your purchase to last for generations to come. Antique furniture is an investment that requires a little extra care and upkeep after it has been delivered to your home. We live in a dry climate that can dry out your furniture, causing cracks and shrinkage in the wood panels. If properly cared for, this can be avoided. Below are some tips for keeping your furniture in the condition you brought it home in. Avoid extremes in heat or cold. If furniture is kept in too much heat or cold for long periods of time, it will dry out, crack and/or split. Wood needs moisture, just like humans do. A humidifier can be used to help keep moisture in the air. Optimal relative humidity is between 40-60% and can be measured with a hygrometer. Too much humidity can cause mold and mildew to grow and too little will cause cracking and splitting. Some ways to get moisture to your furniture are:  
  • Plants
  • "Poor Man’s Humidifier": A shallow dish filled with water placed underneath or inside the furniture. "Purchase a humidifier that will accommodate the square footage of the room you place your furniture in."

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